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  • Crack DAT PAT is a wonderful tool. It mimics the actual PAT section with and without timing, and most importantly, it gives an animated visual of how the object should be analyzed.
    Amy Nguyen
    University of Texas at Austin
  • Thanks Crack DAT PAT! Crack Dat Pat has been the only program out there that truly has given me the edge I needed in the Perceptual Ability portion of the Dental Admission Test. The numerous tests allowed me to target train in weak areas.
    Dan Parish
    Sacramento State University
  • I had previously taken the DAT and scored a 17 on the PAT, but with the help of this program I was able to get a 22 the next go around. Anyone considering purchasing this program should definitely do it!
    William Burnton
    Georgia College and State University, GA
  • The ability to perceive two- and three- dimensional structures is a quality very few of us possess, but is rather a skill developed through practice. The way I see it, Crack DAT PAT is a must for anyone serious about scoring well on the PAT section.
    Daniel Lim
    B.S. at University of California, Riverside and Masters at Cal State Fullerton
  • This is the best thing for the PAT. Nothing out there gives you this much practice and understanding for the PAT. Practice makes better, so this is definitely the best resource for the PAT. If anyone wants to do better on the PAT, this is a MUST!
    Satpreet Singh
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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    Audrey Nguyen
    University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Crack the DAT PAT is by far one of the best practice programs offered for the PAT section of the DAT exam. The 3D explanations are priceless!!! I am thrilled that I came across this program before I took my exam.
    Vanousheh Ghandhari
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Crack DAT is an amazing program with plenty of practice to help you succeed on your test. If you are looking for a low cost and affective way to study then Crack DAT is for you. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to take the DAT.
    Minh Tran
    University of California Los Angeles
  • Crack the DAT PAT is an excellent software to practice the PAT. With few resources available to practice the PAT, this definitely challenges you to think and visualize in ways which I have not done previously.
    Andy Lee
    University of California, Los Angeles
  • This is the best PAT study guide out on the market. I went from making 17's on this section to 21's. If you want to score high on the PAT, Crack DAT PAT is a must!
    Chase Andrus
    Unversity of West Florida
  • Crack Dat Pat overprepares you for the type of questions you will see on the DAT. Which is why you will do so well in the perceptual ability section and score very high with this program.
    Colby Meeder
    Brigham Young University
  • Crack the DAT Math and Crack DAT PAT are awesome! I started off getting only a 16 on both sections but am consistently getting 22-29 on both sections. Thank you for the great customer support!
    Vince Duong
    University of Georgia
  • I have received great customer service with this software and the company helps when customers have technical problems. I felt the math and pat was helping so much that I recently requested the natural sciences
    Minda Gray
  • Crack DAT is amazing. Not only is the program itself worth it, but the Crack DAT Support Team is very helpful and places you in a warm welcome environment and helps you as much as possible. Thank you Crack DAT for all your amazing programs!
    Anum Rizvi
    University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • On an unrelated note, I can't tell you how impressed I am with your software. It's the new gold standard in PAT prep. Congratulations on a job well done.
    Ron Hughes
    University of Oregon

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